System ready for implementation in the short term

Container terminal

The control system operates the container terminal on any device with Internet access, including tablets and smartphones. The rest of the system is tied to the user's workstation in the office. The staff and customers with the container terminals Effex system involved in operational or strategic management, are able to remotely monitor the current situation in the container yard.

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Multimodal transportation

Unified system for operational and accounting uniting your offices in different time zones, ensuring the transparency of operations and transactions for customers and staff. Automating the process reduces the amount of redundant communications. Multilingual user-friendly interface and complete integration with complex systems of retailers and car factories - an excellent step to improve service levels and retention of major customers.

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Computer vision

Hardware-software solution from multiple cameras and servers to recognize the platform and container numbers when applying / cleaning on the way station or terminal, and a stand-alone system for the recognition of numbers of cars (in standard housings mounted camera, IR LED, microcomputer Raspberry PI, 3G / 4G modem) for PPC. It can be used as elements of our own and third-party systems.

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Software development, maintenance and support

Custom Software

If you start writing your own software now, you can get a solution to our level by three programmers no earlier than one year. This means that the development will cost 4.5 million rubles, including taxes and social contributions. Optimize the costs of establishing and maintaining the IT-systems with us.


Located in professional data centers, administer security, and provisioning server on the FreeBSD operating system, train users and provide support in Russian and English, directly interact with IT-departments of your customers on technical issues.


Effective software for logistics software should not be expensive. We see it as a Web-based application accessible from any device with any operating system and browser, using components without regular license fees, which reduces the cost of the final product and its maintenance.